Please read carefully

1. Comfort City Broadmeadows shall nominate approximate delivery dates in good faith but shall not be liable for delays resulting from or contributed by strikes, lockouts, changes in productions schedules by manufactures or other circumstances not within the reasonable control of Comfort City.

2. Comfort City may advice approximate delivery time (Such as midday, late afternoon etc.) in good faith how ever Comfort City, are not responsible for traffic causing delivery delays. Should no person be present to take delivery, the good shall be delivered on another date and all such re-delivery of the goods.

3. Ownership of the goods described herein shall remain with retailer until full payment has been made.

4. A fee of 20% of the total cost will apply for the cancellation of any order after confirmation.

5. Customised items: 50% deposit is required in the event of cancellation after confirmation a cancellation fee of 50% will apply

Lay-by Condition

(a) Payments are to made at least fortnight at the store of purchase

(b) Final Payment to be made within 12 weeks from purchase

(c) A fee of 20% of the total cost will apply for cancellation of a Lay-By plus storage fee will apply after the 12 weeks if not finialed

(d) While on Lay-By goods cannot be exchanged and remain the property of the retailer until paid in full